Get to know,

About Me.


This is Shuvankar Acharjee, people call me Shuva.

I’m a self-taught, web-designer, digital marketer who has a passion for travelling.

I like to think of myself as the marketing guy for Coaches, Course-Creators, and Consultants in the Fitness industry looking to skyrocket their revenue and take their business into the future with an innovative approach.

Ever since the 2nd year of college, I have been deeply interested in Websites, Digital Marketing and doing something in the online space.

I tried Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. While doing these things I learned some crucial skills such as how to design and develop websites, SEO and many more. But due to inconsistency, lack of funds blogging didn’t work for me.

Soon I started providing Web design services to others in freelance marketplaces. Few months down the line, I felt the need to learn from mentors and people who are already where I wanted to be.

So, I invested heavily in Mentors and deep-dived into the world of Digital Consulting and Paid Advertising.

I am always on top of trends in High converting Websites and Funnels, online advertising and other areas so that my clients can reach their dream goal while staying true to themselves. I love what I do because it’s never boring or routine – every day is different!

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